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Exposing And Halting The Covert Global Climate Engineering Assault has worked directly and consistently with attorneys from the US and Canada for over a year, in the critical effort to initiate legal action against covert and completely illegal global climate engineering programs. These programs have been wreaking havoc on the biosphere and climate system for over 70 years. The impact to the biosphere from the ongoing climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management assault has long since become catastrophic. The environmental and human health impacts from the heavy metal and chemical fallout related to these climate intervention programs is even more grave. Our team of attorneys and experts have united in the critical effort to fully expose and halt these illegal climate engineering/intervention programs. Public support and funding for the legal effort to stop geoengineering is absolutely essential in order for the work to continue. All contributions are 100% tax deductible. and the Stop Geoengineering Legal Alliance are not associated with or affiliated with any other websites or groups that may claim to be involved with legal action against climate engineering. If any other group or website makes such a claim, it is advisable to search for evidence that such a claim has any validity whatsoever.