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Geoengineering over NashvilleAccording to the Oxford Dictionary, geoengineering is "the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth's climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming."  For decades, researchers have proposed altering the earth's atmosphere through climate engineering--a process of atmospheric spraying that involves injecting such toxic chemicals as aluminum, barium, strontium and sulfate aerosols to reflect solar radiation into space.  While governments admit to isolated incidents of spraying or isolated "projects," there has been no admission to the extent of the spraying.

There has recently been an exponential increase in scientific discussion of climate engineering as a solution to climate change.  Any legitimate discussion of the rapidly warming climate must include geoengineering and the impacts of geoengineering programs that have long since been deployed.

The most common evidence that such methods are already underway, is visual. Jet aircraft leave persistent trails that do not dissipate, but rather hang in the sky and spread until the sky becomes silvery grey. There are also countless videos that clearly show jet aircraft trails being turned on and off which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that what we are seeing in our skies is NOT CONDENSATION TRAILS. Further, the design characteristics of a "high bypass turbofan jet engine" are not conducive to condensation trail formation except under rare and extreme conditions ( the high bypass jet engine is standard equipment on ALL commercial carriers and ALL military tankers). All over the world, people observing jet aircraft making patterns of artificial clouds in our skies that do not match commercial flight routes in any way. All over the world people are taking videos of jets that are not on listed flight routes which are creating the artificial cloud cover and atmospheric haze.

Numerous historical documents including extensive United States Senate disclosures and historical Presidential reports reveal that worldwide weather modification has been going on for decades.  The activities proposed by climate engineering patents also match what we see in the skies above, and match the elements of contamination that soil and precipitation tests are revealing all over the world.

Meteorologists do not report on geoengineering, their paychecks and pensions depend on their denial of the climate engineering reality.  In October, 2015, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility asked the Special Counsel to reverse what they considered illegal gag orders against weather service employees. National Weather Service and NOAA employees are forbidden to discuss anything about agency planning or the rationale for any planned actions.  Was this gag order in response to the geoengineering issue? Was it yet one more attempt to hide the illegal covert climate engineering programs from the public for as long as possible?

The spraying of heavy metals degrades our environment.  Soils as well as animal and insects suffer from high levels of heavy metals and thus insect populations are crashing around the globe.  In recent studies, for example, bee pupae were found to contain unimaginably high levels of aluminum. The aluminum content of bee pupae was found to be an order of magnitude (or more) higher than levels harmful to humans.  In short, the levels had they been in a human, would be considered pathological, and neurologically would be considered as inarguably related to Alzheimer's (aluminum is a primary element named in numerous climate engineering patents).

The heavy metals not only take their toll on the environment, but also drastically impact our health.  High levels of heavy metals sprayed in the atmosphere will enter our bodies as well as the rest of the environment.  These heavy metals are known contributing factors in the climbing levels of Alzheimer's, autism, and numerous other neurological diseases that have increased so exponentially in recent years. Every breath we take is now laden with the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical climate engineering fallout.

All available data points to the United States, the European Union Nations, China, and Russia as the largest contributors to ongoing climate engineering.  The stated purpose of geoengineering and solar radiation management is to slow the progression of global warming.  All available data further indicates that geoengineering is making an already bad climate situation far worse overall.