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The current state of Earth's climate and life support systems is far more dire than almost any yet understand. Global climate engineering is completely disrupting Earth's natural systems and contaminating the entire planet in the process (due to the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from these programs). Those in power (who control corporate media) are doing everything they can to mask the severity of what is unfolding from the public's view for as long as possible. The scenario of converging catastrophes we face (environmental and human health impacts) is completely non-linear. The rate of biosphere destruction and global die-off is accelerating at an unimaginably exponential rate. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the biosphere and climate system, the ongoing global climate intervention programs are the greatest and most immediate overall threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm.

The LASG team has now commenced with the filing of the required "60 day notice of pending legal action" which is a required notification to ALL potential defendants. This is an extremely comprehensive document which also lists plaintiffs. Click the icon below for the full document.

Full Legal Text of 60 Day Notice